• Connection Parts

    Connection Parts

    Connections are roots, pipelines and functional parts connected to each other to achieve a certain function of various parts, usually composed of various forms of lifting plates, threaded rods, flower bureau network screws, ring nuts, threaded joints, fasteners and so on.

  • Special Hanger for High Quality Spring

    Special Hanger for High Quality Spring

    Spring Hangers are designed to isolate low frequency vibrations in suspended piping and equipment – preventing transmission of vibration to the building structure through the piping systems.  The products incorporate a color-coded steel spring for ease of identification in the field. Load ranges from 21 – 8,200 lbs. and up to deflections of 3″. Custom sizes and deflections up to 5″ available upon request.

  • Pipe Clamp – Professional Manufacturer

    Pipe Clamp – Professional Manufacturer

    Assembly on the welding plate Before assembly, for better orientation of the clamps, it is recommended to mark the fixing place first, then weld on the welding, insert the lower half of the tube clamp body and put on the tube to be fixed. Then put on the other half of the tube clamp body and the cover plate and tighten with screws. Never weld directly to the base plate where the pipe clamps have been fitted.

  • High Quality Viscous Fluid Damper

    High Quality Viscous Fluid Damper

    The  viscous fluid dampers are hydraulic devices that dissipate the kinetic energy of seismic events and cushion the impact between structures. They are versatile and can be designed to allow free movement as well as controlled damping of a structure to protect from wind load, thermal motion or seismic events.

    The viscous  fluid damper is consist of oil cylinder, piston, piston rod, lining, medium, pin head and other main parts. The piston could make reciprocating motion in the oil cylinder. The piston is equipped with damping structure and the oil cylinder is full of fluid damping medium.

  • High Quality Buckling Restrained Brace

    High Quality Buckling Restrained Brace

    The Buckling Restrained Brace(which is short for BRB) is a kind of damping device with high energy dissipation ability. It is a structural brace in a building, designed to allow the building to withstand cyclical lateral loadings, typically earthquake-induced loading. It consists of a slender steel core, a concrete casing designed to continuously support the core and prevent buckling under axial compression, and an interface region that prevents undesired interactions between the two. Braced frames that use BRBs – known as buckling-restrained braced frames, or BRBFs – have significant advantages over typical braced frames.

  • High Quality Tuned Mass Damper

    High Quality Tuned Mass Damper

    A tuned mass damper(TMD), also known as a harmonic absorber, is a device mounted in structures to reduce the amplitude of mechanical vibrations. Their application can prevent discomfort, damage, or outright structural failure. They are frequently used in power transmission, automobiles, and buildings. The tuned mass damper is  most effective where the structure’s motion is caused by one or more resonant modes of the original structure. In essence, the TMD extracts vibration energy (i.e., adds damping) to the structural mode it is “tuned” to. The end result: the structure feels much more stiff than it actually is.


  • High Quality Metallic Yield Damper

    High Quality Metallic Yield Damper

    Metallic yield damper(short for MYD), also called as the metallic yielding energy dissipation device, as a well-known passive energy dissipation device, provides a new way to resist the imposed loads to structural. The structural response can be reduced when subjected to wind and earthquake by mounting metallic yield damper into the buildings, thereby reduces energy-dissipating demand on primary structural members and minimizes possible structural damage. its effectiveness and low cost are now well recognized and extensively tested in the past in civil engineering. The MYDs are mainly made of some special metal or alloy material and is easy to be yielded and have good performance of energy dissipation when it services in the structure which suffered by seismic events. The metallic yield damper is one kind of displacement-correlated and passive energy dissipation damper.

  • Hydraulic Snubber / Shock Absorber

    Hydraulic Snubber / Shock Absorber

    Hydraulic Snubbers are restraining devices used to control the movement of pipe and equipment during abnormal dynamic conditions such as earthquakes, turbine trips, safety/relief valve discharge and rapid valve closure. The design of a snubber allows free thermal movement of a component during normal operation conditions, but restrains the component in abnormal conditions.

  • Lock-up Device / Shock Transmission Unit

    Lock-up Device / Shock Transmission Unit

    Shock transmission unit(STU), also known as Lock-up device(LUD), is basically a device connecting separate structural units. It is characterized by its ability to transmit short-term impact forces between connecting structures while permitting long-term movements between the structures. It may be used to strengthen bridges and viaducts, particularly in cases where the frequency, speed and weights of vehicles and trains have increased beyond the original design criteria of the structure. It may be used for the protection of structures against earthquakes and is cost effective for seismic retrofitting. When used in new designs large savings can be achieved over conventional construction methods.

  • Constant Hanger

    Constant Hanger

    There are two main kinds of spring hangers & supports, variable hanger and constant spring hanger. Both the variable spring hanger and constant spring hanger are widely used in the thermal power plants, nuclear power plant, petrochemical industry and other thermal-motive facilities.

    Generally, the spring hangers are used to bear the load and limit the displacement & vibration of pipe system. By the difference of the spring hangers’ function, they are distinguished as displacement limitation hanger and weight loading hanger.

    Normally, the spring hanger is made of three main parts, pipe connection part, middle part (mainly is the functional part), and the part which used to connect with the bearing structure.

    There are lots of spring hangers and accessories based on their different functions, But main of them are variable spring hanger and constant spring hanger.